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BREAKING: Manchester United face a huge decision after £800k per-week salary demands presented by star


It really wasn’t that long ago when the idea of a player earning £100k per week was eye-watering stuff, but now it almost seems like a starting point for average players at top clubs.

Man United have struggled for years to get the best out of Paul Pogba, but there were a few weeks earlier in this season where he was fantastic and dragged them to victory.

Fitness has been an issue for him as he’s picked up a few injuries here and there, while he’s also the subject of constant speculation about his future so that can’t be helpful either.

Man United face a huge decision as his contract runs out in the summer of 2022, and a report from The Daily Star has highlighted how big the commitment will need to be.

They point to his contract as an issue for United as he could leave next summer for nothing, so they’ll either need to agree a new deal or sell him this summer.

His agent is Mino Raiola so you know they’re going to drive a hard bargain, but it could cost the club around £800k each week if they want him to extend his deal.

That’s broken down to £500k as his base salary, while bonus payments and image rights would top that up to the £800k mark and it goes without saying, but that is a lot of money.

If United do agree to this then you have to think it will carry a five year term at least, while Pogba turned 28 earlier this year so this would essentially tie him to Old Trafford for the rest of his prime years.

You can start to make the argument that is could make sense because it would kill speculation about a transfer so that should help his form, while the team is also becoming increasingly competitive so he could be a key part of their success.

There’s also the flip side where Solskjaer may not actually know how to use him and the injuries are a concern so that money could be better-spent in other areas, but it means it will be fascinating to see what happens with him at the end of the season.

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