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“Excuse-making”, “Laughing stock”: Sky Sports man reacts to what Man Utd stars aren’t happy with


As per an update, Manchester United’s squad is reportedly dissatisfied with one aspect at Old Trafford, making it a week to forget.

Man Utd’s outfit issues
In the span of four days, Erik ten Hag has witnessed back-to-back 3-0 home losses to Newcastle United in the EFL Cup and Manchester City in the Premier League. He has therefore faced a great deal of pressure on his future in leadership, even if Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the Glazers appear to think he is secure in his role for the time being.

Some members of the Manchester United team are reportedly dissatisfied with their team’s uniform for the current campaign. It’s said that goalie Andre Onana is sporting a replica shirt, while other outfield players are sporting alternative socks after claiming their original ones were too tight. Regarding the Man Utd jersey problem, Sky Sports contributor and financial analyst Kieran Maguire told Football Insider that the team is “looking a bit of a laughing stock” since the players seem to be making excuses.

“I have no doubt that Adidas will be indignant over this. It appears like the players are making up an excuse. I believe that Manchester United supporters are currently in need of someone to speak up and express their passion for the team.

But if you’re putting the blame on too-tight socks, it’s making Manchester United appear like a laughing stock. I fail to see how it has anything to do with people giving up on the game and showing utter lack of effort.

“Considering that Adidas has a £900 million contract with Manchester United, you can imagine why they will be really enraged. Although there isn’t likely to be a detrimental effect on sales, the club’s culture is obviously problematic, and the optics are awful.

Man Utd jersey sales
Given their significant agreement with the Red Devils, Maguire thinks Adidas won’t be pleased with the complaints from Old Trafford. This is not the only instance of it that we have seen this season; Aston Villa’s team is also not pleased with Castore’s jerseys.

But, Man Utd sold about 1.75 million jerseys the previous season—more than Man City and trailing just Liverpool at the top—so if fans learn that the first team players are dissatisfied with their uniforms, that information can spread and affect sales.

Ideally, that won’t come to pass and United can resolve their uniform problems and resume their winning ways on the pitch, but everything at Old Trafford appear to be going wrong all the time right now.

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