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Red Devils legend announces £100 million ‘world class player’ will be at Manchester United this summer!


Paul Pogba is the “one real world-class player” in Manchester United’s squad, according to Gary Neville, who is hoping that he stays at the club.

No-one has ever doubted the ability of Pogba during his time at Old Trafford and no one has ever believed that he cannot lead the club to glory, it has just been his performance levels and attitude in the pitch that has bothered many out there.

But after a long few months out the game because of injury, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer welcomed the France international back into training last month, before including him in United’s squad to face Tottenham on Friday.

And many have been getting at excited about having the Frenchman back in action at the club, especially as he could form a great partnership with the very talented Bruno Fernandes.

Now, Neville is confident that the financial repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis will see him stay put, despite the constant speculation linking him with a move to Real Madrid.

“There’s no doubt that a committed Paul Pogba to Manchester United can be a great player,” Neville said on his official podcast. “His assists, his goals, are good. They’ve been very good in the last couple of seasons.

“He’s up there with some of the very best in his position in Europe. It’s just the case of settling down.

“Hopefully with the economic problems around Europe, teams won’t be able to go out and spend 80, 90 or 100 million on new players, Manchester United will keep him and Paul Pogba will understand that he’s staying at Manchester United.

“That’s all I’ve ever asked of Paul Pogba, just commitment. His performances, I’ve never blamed him for Manchester United’s problems over the years.

“I do believe he’s the one real world-class player – David de Gea I would have said two years ago – in Manchester United’s squad.

“He’s the one who should be leading from the front, and if there’s continuous speculation over his future it isn’t helpful, it creates doubt in the dressing room.

“Now, I feel there’s a better chance of that team really succeeding, and I think they’ll play at Old Trafford on Wednesday night, and there won’t be any doubt that he’ll play with Bruno Fernandes.”

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