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The reason Man United are refusing to pay for£100m star


Borussia Dortmund want £100m for their star, but Man United are refusing to pay that much… apparently, for one reason. 

According to The Sun, the club is reluctant to shell out a huge amount of money because they are ‘s***ting themselves’ about COVID-19.

The uncertainty around fans being able to return to stadiums and even the possibility of a second sporting shutdown has led to Ed Woodward pressing pause on big signings. 

A source told the paper: “COVID is back and everyone is s***ting themselves.

“Most clubs have spent all their money and those that haven’t are concerned about doing business in the current situation.

“What if a major sponsor comes to you and says it can’t pay? What are you going to do? Sue them?”

It’s not surprising at all that Premier League clubs are worried about spending large amounts of money at this uncertain time. 

Right now, it sounds like the only thing standing between Sancho and a move to Man United is a global pandemic. 

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